Thursday, April 12, 2012

Kissinger's Stalemate Policy

Up until very recently you would be able to read a short description of Kissinger's Stalemate Policy on the Israeli left leaning newspaper Hareetz's homepage if you googled for it.

Now this entry has been deleted and it's a bit harder to find any evidence of this policy unless you really look for it. So I thought I'd try and make it easier by shortly describing it here. Hopefully this can help raise at least a small amount of awareness about what the so called Middle East Peace Process is all about.

The "Peace Process" is a direct extension of Kissinger's Stalemate Policy. It has in best Orwelllian manner been rewritten into meaning the exact opposite of what it is. It is the policy of keeping Israel at constant existential threat (or at least create the illusion of this) in order to justify keeping the country as a highly militarised 51st state that can be used to destabilise the region, so it's resources will be more easily accessible for the US/western empire.

I don't think I need to go into detail about what kind of destruction and suffering this approach has caused on the civilian population of the region.

I hope this was useful.

For a more in depth explanation of this read here
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